Training and Career Development

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Being a leader in global outsourced services, we remain committed to recognizing top talent and identifying potential career development opportunities for our associates. 

We want to help you transform your job into a rewarding career. In addition, we take great pride in equipping you with the necessary training and career development resources needed to succeed – all while having fun.


We provide our customer service associates with:

  • Orientation and Training
    Each new customer service associate undergoes, on average, an intensive 3-4 week new-hire training program, which includes classroom and hands-on experience answering live calls. You’ll also be exposed to the contact center technology that you’ll be using. All of these items enable you to be successful in your job as soon as you complete your training so you can hit the ground running.
  • Client-specific Training
    So that our customer service associates seamlessly integrate into our client’s work culture, we provide you with extensive product-specific training. These training sessions focus on specific client-related products, along with any process/procedure updates. We want you to be successful in your job and provide you as much support as possible.
  • Continuing Education
    Once on the job, APAC provides continuing education. This supplemental sales and customer interactions training provides you with updated product/service information, as well as retraining offers for specific areas and professional constructive interaction skills training. Some of our programs are self-paced and self-guiding requiring you to meet with your manager each week to discuss your progress, while others are facilitator led.

Career Development
In addition to offering multiple career paths and career development opportunities, we want our associates to reach their full potential. Some ways that we accomplish this include:

  • Personalized Individual Development Plans
    Focused on helping your professional growth and performance, you and your manager create a personal development plan.  Your plan features your career and personal goals, highlights your strength and outlines a plan to address your development needs.
  • Semi-annual Performance Review
    You'll sit down with your manager to formally review your performance against your goals and APAC's values.  In addition, you'll establish new goals and discuss career opportunities.
  • Talent Management / Succession Planning
    In addition to your performance review, APAC holds separate talent planning sessions where we identify individual career development opportunities.  These sessions ensure that our associates have the necessary skills and experiences to assume more challenging assignments.  Furthermore, we hold succession planning sessions twice a year where we identify talent for our short- and long-term staffing needs.

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